Features we Offer

Face Recognition

Detects and recognizes known human faces.

Automatic License Plate Recognition

Detect various types of registration number of vehicles.

Human Intrusion Detection

Detects unwanted human intrusions in real time.

Multi Human Detection

Detect the presence of more than a given number of individuals gathered at a single location.

Human Loitering Detection

Detect if a person spends more than a predefined permissible time in an area.

Vehicle Colour Detection

Detect vehicle of a given colour.

Vehicle Driving Direction

Detect the driving direction of a vehicle. Used specially for detecting vehicles driving in wrong directions.

Human garment color detection

Detect color of various uniforms.

Motion Detection

Detect any activity in a specified area.

Inactivity Detection

Detect any inactivity in a specified area.

Camera Tampering

Detect if the camera is tampered with during streaming like rotated, destroyed, moved etc.

Camera Offline

Detect whenever a camera goes offline due to network, power, or device issues.

No Parking Zone Violation

Detect vehicles when parked in no-parking zones.

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